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The journey of emotional healing is a crucial part of the discipleship process. By taking time to provide feedback, you allow RYH to be more effective for more people.

There are no small impacts, as the people you help through their restorative process will be able to impact others as well. That is the beauty of multiplication! 

By completing this Feedback Form you are: 

1. Joining a global movement of building 1 Million Disciples who Disciple. You are part of the Great Commission! (Matthew 28:19-20)

2. Sharing important information with RYH, allowing us to track the progress and growth of our ministry, better serve our partners, and learn where improvements are needed;

3. Allowing RYH to highlight the work that God is doing in your life. Your story encourages others to grow!

*Please indicate on the form whether you would like your story to remain anonymous.

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“God has used RYH to heal me in so many ways.”


Fran Glasgow, RYH group member

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